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I sincerely hope that you find the free online guide helpful.

I am also offering an e-book version of the guide for a small fee. It contains exactly the same content found in the guide. All nicely formatted for your favourite reading device or application, for less than the cost of one drink onboard!

Please consider purchasing the e-book, which helps support running this site, and encourages its further development. Thank you!

e-book $499 *versions available in PDF, ePub, and for Amazon Kindle

A Message for Travel Agents

How many potential cruise bookings are you missing out on because a client (or even just one member of their family) has a special diet, and so doesn’t even think about a cruise?

And how many repeat bookings will you lose because they have a poor experience the first time they try a cruise? Help them have the great holiday they never thought they could with their diet, and keep them coming back to you for more.

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