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This is Chapter 8 of the free online guide “Cruising with Special Diets”.

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Chapter 8

Bon Voyage!

I hope that this book has helped you decide if a cruise vacation might be for you, and if so, given you the tools to make it as pleasant and safe as possible.

One of the great things about e-books is that I can release updates for free in the future; no need to go out and buy a “second edition”. I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to share with me anything you think might help improve future versions of this book.

If there are other topics you’d like to see covered, hints and tips you’ve discovered on your own, parts of the book that you feel are unclear or incorrect, or anything else about the book that you think could be made better, please email me.

There’s also a Facebook page for this book, which will allow you to connect with me and others who are dealing with the challenges of traveling with special diets. It’s a great place to ask questions, as well as discuss topics before they find their way into book updates. I’d encourage you to follow that page.

You’ll find email and Facebook links (and very likely others as well, over time) at the main web site for the book,

Safe travels!

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