When this site first launched, it was to promote my low cost e-book ‘Cruising with Special Diets’.

No more. I’m now giving away all of what was in the e-book for free. You can now read it online at this web site, for no charge.

Why the change? It was because I got very frustrated, knowing that the book could help a lot of people, people who were already reaching out for help. People who I know wouldn’t blink twice at spending five bucks to get the comprehensive information they desperately needed to enjoy their multi-thousand dollar holiday, practically handed to them on a silver platter. But I couldn’t tell them about the book.

The reason is that nowadays, people look for information online, and when it comes to travel information, it’s sites like the immensely popular Cruise Critic. But very understandably, given the huge number of people offering travel-related products and services for sale, they are very strict about anything that comes close to advertising on their discussion forums. Pointing to my e-book, whether I did it or someone else did, would certainly qualify.

My own decision to lock up that content was making it more difficult to help people deal with the frustration of traveling with special diets. Not exactly the reason I put together the e-book in the first place.

So now the entire contents of the e-book has been posted as a free online guide, the new centrepiece of the web site. I think this easily makes it the best “one stop” source of information for cruising with special diets, without the idealistic and ultimately self-defeating spin you’ll find on the cruise line sites. And now it’s a source of information that both myself and others will feel free to tell people about!

But I am going to ask for your help.

Please let people who have special diets know about the free online guide. Post a note on your blog, or tweet about it. Follow @cruisediet on Twitter.

When people are asking questions about cruising with special diets, whether on sites like Cruise Critic or elsewhere, please point them to cruisespecialdiet.com, so they can get a better understanding of what’s involved in the whole process.

I first wrote the book to share what I’d learned with people who generally have a difficult and frustrating time traveling, to turn them on to something they may not have considered before, and to help them have the best holiday they could. I hope the changes I’ve made today will help achieve that goal.

(edited July 2018… removed previous info on for-fee ebook, no longer available)

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